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Forge Intercooler for VW T5 2.0 Twin Turbo 180

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This intercooler has been specifically designed for the VW T5.2 fitted with
the twin turbo diesel.

Using a combination of geater core size and thermal efficiency, we have been
able to improve the cooling of the intake charge air, which inturn means more
power , when compared to the original intercooling, and may lead to greater
longevity of engine components, as heat related stress is decreased. Our own
test vehicle consistantly showed that our intercooler reduced the intake air
temperature by a futher 10 degrees centigrade when compared to the original
intercooler and had a lower resistance resulting in less pressure drop.

This product would normally be recommended for those who have tuned the
engine by using performance software or a tuning box type interceptor, but it
may also aid fuel economy depending on driving style.

Please note that the oil cooler as displayed in the product images, which
will help reduce temperatures further, must be purchased seperately.

To download fitting instructions for this product, please click here.

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